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Why reading to your children matters

“In the great green room There was a telephone And a red balloon And a picture of—” My youngest child just married a few months ago, but the lines from Margaret Wise Brown’s Goodnight Moon are as familiar to me now as they were decades earlier. They should be. I started reading the book to […]

When a book idea falls into my brain, and I’m not there to catch it

This post originally appeared on Girlfriends Book Club, a blog written by a gumbo of about twenty-seven-ish women, who share their agonies and ecstasies about writing, for authors and for readers. Funny, smart, talented women. And me.      A few nights ago, I took my customary running leap into bed (we have one of those […]

Yoga Pants: Gateway to Lust or Leisure?

I’ve become one of those women. The kind I never imagined I would. A year ago, if you’d asked me if I owned anything by Lululemon, I would have told you I’d sworn off sweets. Today, I’d just admit that I wait for my daughters’ hand-me-downs. So, yes, I’m now sporting yoga pants at the […]

Writing is as right as rain

It’s just damn ugly outside right now. Proof: This reminds me that one of the rites of passage into living on your own in New Orleans is having your own hurricane tracking map. That season hasn’t started yet; it’s June 1-November 30. Today’s just one of those pre-cursor events. Mother Nature’s way of reminding us […]