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Starbucks, Snails, and Sororities

I didn’t forget that today is Friday, and I said I’d live to blog again. Working in CST, I still have a four-hour window open. After getting the downstairs apartment ready for a group coming in for Jazz Fest, I schlepped to Starbucks to write for a few hours before working at the clinic. A […]

The Lazarus Blog Post

For some reason, the posts I’ve composed in my head for the past four months or so have not materialized on my blog. Or anywhere, for that matter… I’m sure there are at least five or six of you who’ve been wondering where the hell I’ve been. Well… My oldest and youngest, both sons, gifted […]

It’s a Christmas miracle!

  AVAILABLE NOW at Amazon and as fast as my little elf fingers can type, I’ll upload it to other platforms! Will also be available as a paperback.  It’s my first book in The Magnolia Hills Garden Club series. Book 2 will be ready early 2015.    

Where do you and your children spend your time?

I know public schools in and around New Orleans are already beginning their second week of school today. Some areas, though, might be just starting or perhaps, lucky you (depending on which side of the desk you happen to be on!), won’t labor until after Labor Day. Anyway…Choose NOW Ministries, founded by Nicole O’Dell, has […]

Where I’ll be Saturday, and I hope you are too!

This Saturday (that’s tomorrow!), I’ll be presenting at the Berries, Books, and Bridges Writers Conference in at the Woodland Park Baptist Church in Hammond. Hosted by the Creative Minds Writing Group, this conference attracts pre and post published writers  from across the South. In fact, it’s a great conference for new writers to attend because […]