Five things that make me scream, “WTH?”

In no particular order:

1. A woman dining at Huck Finn’s Restaurant & Sports Bar in the French Quarter was given a lunch receipt with the “N-” word and “!00% dislike” printed below the item she’d ordered.

Okay…to start, raise your hand if you knew your servers could write messages on the receipts? Not me. Which might be a good thing, especially when we dined out during my years as a teacher. One message I did receive was the word “bitch” neatly printed at the top of a test paper. The next day, I placed the test on an overhead projector (not showing the student’s name, of course…heaven forbid I violate his/her right to privacy). I informed the class that, should anyone want to use this word again in reference to me, it had to be preceded by the words, “Your Royal Highness.” And every word had to be spelled correctly or points would be deducted.


But back to the matter at hand…Of all the restaurants in the city, this server worked in one that bore the name of a novel that’s been under fire for years for its controversial use of that very word.

2. I’m verklempt that I missed National Pothole Day sponsored by Fix My Streets Nola.  I would have sent photos from my neighborhood where some streets look like black tarred Swiss cheese with holes deep enough to be hot tubs after a hard rain.


Photo above found at First Draft: ” We begin with one from my yellow blogger buddy Jeffrey who has become a Twitter legend as @skooks. Jeff’s pothole was there from July, 2010 to January, 2015.  This still life dates from March, 2011 and is called Pothole sofa”

3. When he discovered his flight was overbooked, a man at the Charlotte airport did what most reasonable people would do to protest. He stripped naked. And, of course, a waiting passenger took pictures and promptly posted them on Facebook. Because seeing a gray-haired, slightly overweight naked man in handcuffs is what everyone’s been waiting to see on their FB wall.

4. A recent poll by Jetsetter showed that hotel sex is better than sex at home. Assuming they mean couples already in a relationship, married or otherwise, having sex with one another (as opposed to traveling trysts), they needed a poll to make that discovery? Gosh…you think maybe not having to cook dinner, do homework with the kids, monitor bath time to make sure the kids are actually using soap and water, tucking said kids into bed after folding laundry, taking out the dog for the fifteenth time that day so it can smell six thousand blades of grass before peeing for 2.1 seconds..might have something to do with that?

5. An 11-year-old in California just graduated from college. I suppose he’ll have to pursue a doctorate and beyond until he’s old enough to drive himself to work.

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