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How to make your hair happy

I received this bottle of SILK18 conditioner from Maple Holistics to use, and it’s obviously for my hair, right? Well, as a testimony to this product…I reached for what I thought was my hand cream and discovered I’d just slathered my hands with SILK18. My hands not only felt smoother, I liked the vanilla honey scent […]

How do I keep my grandchildren safe?

I retired from teaching four years ago. For twenty-five years I taught in public high schools in Louisiana. One of the schools was, for many years, the largest school in the state. I never feared for my life or the lives of my students as a classroom teacher. Not after Columbine in 1999 when, like […]

Reading headlines for entertainment

When I write, I’m always conscious of events in my novels not seeming contrived. You know, “that would never happen” situations that readers would find too unbelievable in a book that wasn’t SciFi or paranormal or magical realism. In one of my breaks for research (a WIDE open term for what I do when I’m not […]

Being mindful of mindfulness

This year, instead of  making New Year’s resolutions, which mostly become dissolutions by January 5th, I happened upon this site: oneword365. And, that’s it for the year…one word.  I chose MINDFULNESS. Which, ironically, does not mean having a mind full of stuff, but rather a mind full of now. It’s defined on the Mindful website as: […]

Connecting the dots…

Last night we ate one of my pedestrian suppers of spaghetti and meat sauce. Cooking the meat sauce required cutting an onion. Cleaning up after supper (trust me, I promise this is going somewhere), I started carefully jamming the onion skins into the black rubbery mouth of the scary garbage disposal monster. As I’m listening […]

Where does an idea go when there’s no brain to catch it?

This post originally appeared on Girlfriends Book Club, a blog written by a gumbo of about twenty-seven-ish women, who share their agonies and ecstasies about writing, for authors and for readers. Funny, smart, talented women. And me. A few nights ago, I took my customary running leap into bed (we have one of those old, four-posters…and, […]

I once was found, but now I’m lost…

If this blog was a baby, I would have been reported to Child Protective Services by now. It’s time for me to step-up and parent. So, by way of catching you up on my life as I know it, I’m sharing this post.    Once Upon a Time, I Had a Writing Groove…then the music […]

Meet Dove Award-winning recording artist: Solveig Leithaug

Dove Award-winning recording artist Solveig Leithaug is hesitant to admit that she is an internationally loved singer-songwriter and masterful guitar player. In fact, her decades of phenomenal success is not the result of a desire to “get ahead” but simply an outpouring of support from people across the globe who have connected with her music […]

I never promised you a rose garden…or a stapler

Cruising through my files, I stumbled across this blog post I’d written as an English teacher to high school juniors.  I’ve been retired for over four years now, but reading this transported me back to the classroom, to those days when I wondered if June would ever arrive, and to those students…many of whom have stayed in touch […]

Celebrating Wonder Woman

Have you seen Wonder Woman yet? If not, no fear; this isn’t a spoiler. It’s just a few observations about the movie that I’ve found interesting and compelling. I read an article on Refinery29 by Caitlin Flynn who quoted the following from a Tumbler user, Creative Words and Powerful Ideas: “There were absolutely NO eye candy shots […]