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10 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours

Note: I’m hosting Dorothy on my blog today because I know, from personally using Pump Up Your Book for two of my novels, how dedicated, professional and passionate she is about supporting her authors. 10 Things You Need to Know About Virtual Book Tours By Dorothy Thompson, CEO & Founder of Pump Up Your Book […]

Why I Write

I write because there is no one left in my life who knew me before I knew myself. I write because I can talk to the paper and not be interrupted or misunderstood or frozen mid-sentence by a quizzical stare from a listener’s eyes. I write because I can’t (nor would you want to watch […]

What really matters?

I want to share a post I wrote years ago that still thumps in my now retired teacher heart: Some days, I want to hurl the textbooks and state-mandated curriculum through the windows that open only to the windows of another portable classroom, and announce: Okay, let’s talk about what really matters. Let’s talk about what […]

Five Reasons a Writer Should Stay Put

My husband and I have been married almost twenty-five years. We’ve moved ten times. (I just counted because I do my best creative procrastination when I’m on deadline.) These haven’t been military related (though I’ve been militant about a few of them), due to job transfers (with the exception of four moves due to Hurricane […]

Seven Random Musings on Day 2 of 2016

A few random musings on this second day of 2016: 1. Yesterday, I called DirectTV to change the credit card for our automatic pay. Of course, the first voice belongs to the insistent automaton gate-keeper who no longer allows a direct connect to Customer Service without providing a reason she deems valid. The bigger shock […]

New Year + Old Me = Yet to be Determined

In 2015, I celebrated: our son’s marriage and gaining a daughter-in-law spending time at the Pulpwood Queens Girlfriends Weekend meeting new writers meeting new readers a weekend with writer friends spending time with my children a contract offer from Amazon my husband recovering from two surgeries (well, make that one…still working on the other one) […]

Oh, the places we went. . .

Definitely not a portfolio of our 24 years together…just what I happened to have in iPhoto. . .the last photo, our first. and I think only, selfie captures both of us best. We have fun together.

Pathetic Pick-up Lines

You know those situations where, when they happen you’re too discombobulated to say anything coherent. . .then, a few minutes or maybe an hour later, you slap your own forehead and say, “Damn, why didn’t I say that?” In the last two months or so, I’ve been in situations where I probably should have first […]

Keeping up with the Jonesing…a wearable sex tracker for a penis

A Fitbit for a penis. I’m not joking. It’s called Lovely (aka the wearable sex tracker), and it’s a project on Indigogo, a crowdfunding site. The goal of the campaign is to reach $95,000 by early July, and then it will be released for  $169. As of Monday night when I wrote this post, 174 people have funded […]