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News to Celebrate AND a Giveaway

When my children were excited about an upcoming event, they used to say they were “on nins and peedles.” Today, finally, I can banish the “nins and peedles” I’ve been experiencing for months now, and introduce you to Since You’ve Been Gone, my debut novel with Amazon’s Waterfall Press. Olivia and Wyatt have occupied space in my writer brain […]

The Upside of Down’s Syndrome

It’s now almost thirty-three years since my daughter Sarah was born…I wrote this post when she was 25. I’m sharing it today for Down Syndrome Awareness Day. Over twenty-five years ago, I couldn’t have imagined that Sarah or I would have the opportunity to write this chapter in my daughter’s life. Because of technology, I […]

The Days of Whines and Supposes

   On the three-year anniversary of my retirement  after twenty-five years of teaching English DIRECTIONS ON HANDOUT: Write an essay consisting of five paragraphs. Staple this handout to the back of your paper before submitting it. Your essay is due at the end of class. QUESTIONS TO TEACHER (ME) FROM STUDENTS: Does it really have to […]

Life Savors

Books and writing have saved my life. Not literally, of course, like being protected by a bulletproof vest of hardbacks and Anna Karenina-sized paperbacks. But they’ve been, figuratively, life preservers when I’m drowning in a sea of chaos, frustration, anger, grief or all of the above. What they’ve provided for me is a haven; a place to retreat […]

You Can’t Push a Wet Noodle

NOTE: Cleaning up files, I tripped across this post from my days in teacher-land. Since I’m closing in on a deadline, I thought I’d share this, and save brain space for my manuscript. Enjoy! Today, a series of events converged into the perfect storm that, without the support of my colleagues, would have left me […]

I am from…

hurricane swept houses, swollen rivers, and rain drenched streets, waking on lazy Sunday mornings to my father cooking bacon and scrambled eggs, green and green plaid pleated uniforms with blazers and black and white saddle oxfords, watching the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show, LSU football and Saints games, afternoons at the kitchen table sharing […]